Success Stories

Acuren Unparalleled Execution In The Rope Access Light Mechanical Space image
Unparalleled Execution In The Rope Access Light Mechanical Space

Our client, a chemical plant located in east Texas was struggling to have a particular rope access scope of work completed by another provider. When it became clear that progress was falling further behind schedule, and the provider requested more money and time to complete, the client decided to terminate that arrangement. Acuren’s competitive bid was selected to finish the remaining work which included installation of insulation/jacketing on head of vessel, 9 rings, transition and 19 pipe support areas on a 230’ tower utilizing rope access.

Acuren hopper welding featured image
Solution Brief - Acuren Partners with An Energy Leader to Provide Access Solutions

Acuren partnered with an energy company to support their TA/Maintenance program. Acuren's access planner worked with the client's planning and execution team to review any work scopes that could be executed via rope access instead of scaffolding to reduce the overall time and cost.

Acuren CR of T-Rex jaw
Acuren Helps American Paleo Find and Preserve Fossils

Acuren’s experts partnered with Ohio’s American Paleo to find and preserve fossils using computed radiography (CR). Acuren was tasked with radiographing soft shale, calcite and pyrite, to locate fossils. Our team was able to successfully and safely utilize computed radiography’s benefits over traditional methods to complete the project.

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