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Success Stories

Flare Stack - Extending Operating Life of Critical Legacy Asset

This oil and gas customer had a 60 year old flare stack with cracking and corrosion that was approaching its end of life. Due to the cracking and corrosion thinning, there was considerable potential for failure for the flare tip and stack pipe. The cost for flare stack replacement was significant and Acuren offered a solution for life extension rather than stack replacement.

Integrated Solutions

Acuren integrated solutions are saving our clients time and money. Acuren safely completed a flare tip replacement and coatings project in Ohio at a fraction of the time and at 40% of the cost. The four-week project incorporated Acuren’s Mechanical, Engineering, and Rope Access Industrial Services.

Acuren Tank Solution Saves Client 60 Outage Days and Over $500,000

Historically, a damaged tank, piping or vessel that could not be evaluated successfully using basic standard practices was slated for costly repair, or decommissioning. They turned to Acuren to propose solutions in order to fully understand their options.