• Power Cable Replacement Program

    Remove three (3) oil filled power cables utilizing a client supplied winch located outside the cable shaft building. Remove all existing horizontal connection plates and cut/grind old rock anchors flush with the cable shaft. Drill new 2” x 4’ holes inside the cable shaft to accept new stainless steel rock anchors. Install, grout and test new rock anchors. Install forty-five (45) new stainless steel cable trays to accept new XLPE power cables. Install new client supplied power cables. We have successfully completed many light and ballast installations. Many of the projects that we have been involved with are indoors at roof level with no stairs or walkways for access, thus leaving the only way to change these lights via our rope access team. Our access management team created a plan which prevents anyone from being a passenger on a live equipment which poses many potential hazards for an unsafe work environment.

    • First known installation of power cables utilizing rope access as the primary method of access.
    • Project completed safely, on time and on budget.
    • Client extremely satisfied with the work ethic and professionalism of the crew.
    • We have completed cable pulls with runs over 1000ft in 6 days with a 5 person crew at the top of pipe racks eliminating scaffold fees.
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