Success Stories

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Solution Brief - Out of the Box Engineering Solution Saves Months of Time

Engineers, field technicians and NDT experts collaborated to find a suitable technique based on the engineer's unique idea which saved time, cost and increased reliability.

Acuren’s Experts Complete Project at Extraordinary Run Rate

Acuren’s Raleigh, North Carolina team just safely completed a project in less than four days which consisted of 250,000 conventional UT readings for a power industry client. The project was swiftly executed thanks to our experts strategically planning the major outage inspection as part of a shutdown.

Acuren Solutions Emergency Engineering heat exchanger
Solution Brief - Emergency Engineering Expertise Restores Critical Asset to Operation

During a turnaround at a gas plant, pressure testing was performed on a sulphur condenser’s (the “vessel”) shell side. The vessel was accidentally overpressured to 5.3 times its MAWP (maximum allowable working pressure). A new vessel would have cost over a million dollars and would have taken over 6 months to be built. Acuren performed Level 3 API 579-ASME FFS-1 Fitness for Service, followed by different NDE techniques, hardness testing and strain gauging during a pressure test. We worked very closely with the regulator and the customer to eventually bring the vessel back to service.

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