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  • Laser scanning for tank evaluation decreases costs and saves time.

    Laser Scanning offers an excellent method for assessing many of the factors required for an API 653 internal or external inspection, such as settlement surveys and deformation evaluations. Using laser scanning technology, API 653 inspectors are able to complete their inspections more quickly and more accurately. The technology is excellent for volumetric tank calibrations (strapping).

    Laser scanning collects millions of data points, providing high quality data with a much greater range of reporting options including impressive visual presentations and rich data sets for doing advanced analysis, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Let us scan your tank to capture a permanent virtual 3D model of the tank’s current condition, which will act as a baseline for future inspections.

    • Collects more data
    • Faster
    • More accurate
    • Verifiable, repeatable, reliable results
    • More analysis and reporting options
    • Visual results
    • Export data to other applications – Excel, Auto Desk, Solid Works

Introducing Acuren’s latest Advancement in the Fight Against CUI

Acuren’s new Moisture Detection Imagery (MDI) tool detects moisture under insulation with visual real time confirmation without removing insulation and without the use of other nondestructive examinations.

This tool, in conjunction with our CUI suite of services aims to optimize reliability, mitigate risk, reduce insurance premiums, shorten outage duration, avoid unplanned outages, and improve asset safety.

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