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  • High Volume – Containment, and Sorting Capabilities

    Acuren has the experience and capabilities to offer timely solutions for third party containment (sorting, inspection, warehousing, logistics and materials engineering support) for global OEM and tier level suppliers within the automotive industry.

    We have extensive OEM approvals from leading automotive manufacturers in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Our high volume automotive labs calculate inspection times in seconds rather than days, saving our clients time and money.

    Extensive Experience with:

    • Powertrain Components
    • Supplemental Restraint systems
    • Chassis Rails
    • Heads
    • Calipers
    • Master Cylinders
    • Occupant Safety Systems
    • Control Arms
    • Tie Rods
    • Yokes
    • ABS Components
    • Electronic Chips/Overlays
    • Pistons

Introducing Acuren’s latest Advancement in the Fight Against CUI

Acuren’s new Moisture Detection Imagery (MDI) tool detects moisture under insulation with visual real time confirmation without removing insulation and without the use of other nondestructive examinations.

This tool, in conjunction with our CUI suite of services aims to optimize reliability, mitigate risk, reduce insurance premiums, shorten outage duration, avoid unplanned outages, and improve asset safety.

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