Acuren Employee Appointed to Safety Codes Council Pressure Equipment Sub Committee
August 29, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Nathan Bartley, of our Edmonton office, has been appointed as a member of the Alberta Municipal Affairs, Safety Codes Council, Pressure Equipment Sub Committee. Nathan represents the Contract Chief Inspector Association (CCIA) on this committee.

About Nathan

With 21 years of experience in the Pressure Equipment Integrity Management (PEIM), started with Acuren January 1998 as a trainee, and has held multiple management roles during his tenure. Today, Nathan manages the Prairies Visual Inspection department; maintains our National Board AIA (Authorized Inspection Agency), ABSA AQP (Integrity Assessment Organization) and CWB CSA W178.1 (Inspection Organization) programs. With expertise in fabrication, NDE, visual inspection, and PEIM quality management, Nathan is well suited for this role.

Nathan has been an active member of the CCIA since 2010, has a driving passion for the Pressure Equipment industry, and is proud of the nobility of this work, reducing risk to the public. Nathan is recognized as an industry expert in the comprehension and application of federal and provincial acts/regulations, codes/specifications (e.g. ASME, CSA, NB, etc.), standards (e.g. API, ASTM, etc.), and industry best practices.

About the Safety Codes Council

Alberta Municipal Affairs, Safety Codes Council, Alberta: a safe place to work.

Established by the Government of Alberta in 1993, the Safety Codes Council is responsible to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to administer portions of the safety system, including accrediting the municipalities, corporations, and agencies that sell permits and inspect the work carried out under these permits, certifying and training safety codes officers who do the inspections, administering the Alberta Master Electrician Program, and working with industry through our sub-councils to recommend codes and standards.

About the Sub Council

The Pressure Equipment Sub Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues within their industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe for all to inhabit.

ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority, is authorized by the Alberta Government for the administration and delivery of safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems in Alberta. These safety programs are provided to ensure public safety and include the complete life cycle of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems. The Safety Codes Act allows an ABSA Safety Codes Officer to inspect pressure equipment. ABSA is also responsible for the certification of pressure welders, inspectors and power engineers for the operation of a power or heating boiler.

To visit the Safety Codes Council website, please click here: www.safetycodes.ab.ca/Council/SubCouncils/Pages/BoilersPressureVessels.aspx

Please join us in congratulating Nathan on this appointment and achievement.

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