Purchase of MMT’s HSD Testers Underscores Acuren’s Commitment to Mega Rule Material Verification Needs of Pipeline Operators
September 7, 2021

Acuren Deploys HSD Testers to Improve Pipeline Safety and PHMSA Compliance Initiatives Among Gas Transmission Operators

MMT's HSD Tester

As part of Acuren’s material verification solutions geared towards PHMSA Mega Rule compliance, Acuren purchased four HSD 8000 Tester units from MMT to support the operational safety and Mega Rule compliance needs of Local Distribution Company (LDC) customers. Along with the purchase, MMT trained and certified Acuren field technicians to independently perform in situ pipeline testing.

“The HSD tester provides the most accurate and reliable non-destructive pipeline material verification process available today—it is key to our commitment to provide best-in-class pipeline integrity management practices for safe energy transmission and Mega Rule compliance,” said Frank Noble, General Manager, Acuren US East.

“Acuren is widely recognized among gas pipeline owner/operators for their inspection service quality and reliability. Acuren’s purchase of 4 HSD units represents a significant endorsement of our process, and we look forward to servicing their TVC record reporting and HSD process training needs,” said Buddy Powers, MMT Director of Business Development.

To see our suite of PHMSA Mega Rule solutions, please visit this page:

About Acuren:

Acuren is a trusted, single source provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructures. Committed to delivering a Higher Level of Reliability, Acuren provides an unrivaled spectrum of capabilities, including inspection, traditional and advanced NDE/NDT, failure analysis, rope access, materials engineering, reliability engineering and condition-based monitoring services. Acuren’s work is critical to the integrity and safety of industrial firms, including refinery, pipeline, power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive industries. Acuren employs almost 4,000 dedicated professionals, dispatched from 90 locations across North America and the UK, supporting the mechanical integrity and inspection programs of the world’s largest industrial segments.

About MMT:

Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT) manufactures and supports the new generation of instrumentation and data analytics for testing metal material properties that are essential to industrial safety and performance. The first product, the Hardness, Strength, and Ductility (HSD) Tester, is based on research developed at MIT, and is rapidly becoming the standard best practice among NDT & NDE organizations to service the needs of oil and gas pipeline owners/operators.

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