Disaster Preparation and Recovery
September 8, 2021

Using North America’s Rope Access Leader

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Acuren provides safe and high quality mechanical and inspection solutions, allowing crews access to difficult to reach locations.

2020 has been recognized as a record-breaking year in the US with 22 major natural disasters that caused at least $1 billion in damage and totaling over $95 billion. According to (NOAA) this shattered the previous record of 16 events occurring in 2017 and 2011. Globally losses from natural disasters also increased to $210 billion in 2020.

Natural disaster whether it be storms, hurricanes, freezes/winterization, wildfires, droughts, flooding, and more continue to be events our industry needs to be prepared for.

Acuren’s multi-certified rope access technicians can tackle vast mechanical needs at any height rapidly whether it be in support of a rapid preparation, response to a natural disaster or a scheduled project.

If you would like more information, or to see how we can help, please visit our Disaster Preparation and Recovery page.

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