Infrared Monitoring of Body Temperature
July 10, 2020

Thermal imaging using infrared thermography equipment is an effective non-contact solution for detecting small temperature changes in the human body. By providing a temperature reading this technology will assist a client in making a recommended action.

  • Safety – Scans are completed from outside the social distancing zone as opposed to traditional test methods
  • Approved Process – This proven practice has been previously utilized within industry for identifying elevated body temperatures. Acuren has an approved QMS procedure for body temperature determination.
  • Certifications – Calibrated and certified equipment operated only by trained technicians/engineers
  • Accuracy – This technology offers a high degree of accuracy, ± 0.1°C

Our technicians and engineers can assist you in making immediate decisions around granting access to your site.


  • Visibility of subject’s tear duct area
  • Small indoor space on customer site, free of encumbrances with power supply (space must accommodate regulated social distancing guidelines)
  • 10-15 seconds required to record each temperature
  • Tolerance temperature determined by customer
  • Customer representative onsite reviews every scan in real time to make a decision on each employee’s access to site
  • No scans conducted without presence of client representative
  • Acuren does not retain any personal information, video or images
Scan body temperature quickly and accurately while maintaining social distance

Please speak with our team of specialists to learn more and understand how we can help you navigate these most challenging times on your site.


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