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Acuren at IPEIA 2020
February 3, 2020

We are, once again, thrilled to participate as a Gold sponsor in the 2020 IPEIA Conference in Banff February 24th – 28th. The conference website can be found here:  IPEIA

The IPEIA Conference began over 20 ago years and has become an internationally recognized annual conference to gather Pressure Equipment Integrity industry groups together to further improve best practices and provide education for those committed to this specialty in the energy sector. There are a number of ways that conference attendees can engage with one of our 25 Acuren representatives participating in the conference:

Technical Program Presentations

AB-0166: An Operational Approach To Asset Integrity Management Wednesday, February 26th – 3:20pm – Room 301

Through this presentation we will discuss all 16 elements of a successful program with a focus on the elements of the program that operations have the most input on. We all know the 16 elements of a program, and that there are multiple ways to implement them, but did you know there is a way to marry field operations with head office, to implement an effective, safe, compliant asset integrity management program that everyone is aligned with and that increases productivity?

AB-0161: Internal Corrosion Modelling of Pressure Vessels Thursday, February 27th – 3:10pm – Room 301

Sweet and slightly sour internal corrosion on three pressure vessels in upstream oil and gas production are modelled to quantify degradation rates and identify requirements for further inspection and/or corrosion mitigation. This work compares the results of the three assets, highlighting the different approaches needed to be taken by operations and maintenance with respect to materials degradation and failure mitigation depending on vessel design, operation, and history. Suggestions for continuation or improvement of existing corrosion mitigation methods, or where necessary, implementation of corrosion mitigation methods not previously being used for the equipment will be discussed.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Guided Wave Piping Screening: Capabilities and Limitations Wednesday, February 26th – 10:00 am – Kinnear 206

Guided waves are used as a screening tool to detect, locate, and classify corrosion defects. Large sections of piping can be quickly screened with 100 percent volumetric coverage to determine precise locations of corrosion damage.  Because the technique is quite different from standard UT inspection and phased array UT inspection, many people are still not familiar with the underlying principles and, more importantly, the capabilities and limitations of the technique.  This workshop will present an overview of these principles and discuss capabilities and limitations using examples.

This workshop is being presented by Acuren’s subject matter expert, Dr. Brent Zeller. For additional information on guided wave, please visit our Guided Wave landing page.

Acuren Booth #44

Come visit us once again, upstairs at booth #44.

Acuren IPEIA 2019

Acuren Subject Matter Expert Dr. Brent Zeller will be available at our booth to discuss advanced Ultrasonic Techniques – Guided Wave Ultrasonic Inspection, TFM/FMC, PAUT TOFD. Discover how Acuren has utilized these technologies and more to provide innovative solutions and critical timely information to our clients. Acuren relentlessly strives to empower key stakeholders to make confident decisions around asset reliability management to minimize downtime, and maximize efficiency.

These are some of the subject matter experts that you will see at IPEIA this year representing Acuren:

Brent Zeller, Ph.D – SME – Advanced NDE – PAUT TOFD Guided Wave
Jennifer Dowdle, P.Eng. – API 653/510/570, ABSA IBPV, NBIS, Materials Engineer, Senior Inspector
Sean OBrien – Division Manager – Advanced Applications / Asset Integrity Management
Andrew Costain, P.Eng – GM, Reliability Engineering

These are just a handful of the 25 Acuren representatives participating in IPEIA this year and we look forward to engaging with you! If you would like to connect with us ahead of the conference, please reach out to us at info@acuren.com.


As the transmission of the COVID-19 virus increases around the world and within our own communities, we want to make our customers aware that, in most jurisdictions, we fall within the essential services exception and we are able to perform the services customers require on their sites. As well we want to take a moment to update you on the measures we continue to implement to ensure business continuity and transmission reduction:

  • We continue to share regular communications with employees to ensure we are providing important news about the status of the virus and the actions taken by the company;
  • The Acuren COVID-19 email address continues to act as a valuable resource to which employees can send questions and concerns, and request other support related to COVID-19;
  • Our single point of contact continues to be a central resource to respond to issues related to the virus and associated company direction;
  • We have responded in real time to take appropriate measures in communities where we are informed of governmental restrictions that have a direct effect on our employees;
  • Alternate work provisions and enhanced infection control practises have been implemented across the business to minimize the potential for spread of the virus in our offices and field work locations;
  • On an almost daily basis we post valuable educational and informational resources on our online portal for the benefit of all North American employees;
  • We regularly remind employees of the critical need to comply with infection prevention and control measures such as frequent hand washing, appropriate respiratory etiquette and instruction to stay home if feeling unwell,
  • We continue to monitor and adjust our inventory of consumables and critical equipment to ensure we are equipped to respond to client needs in the event of a supplier shortage;
  • We have maintained frequent interaction with our leadership team on this matter to ensure we remain fully informed of changing circumstances;
  • We monitor the use of a disclosure form completed prior to employee’s returning to work to identify the presence of any symptoms related to the coronavirus, any personal travel within, or personal contact with travelers to/from, any international location, within the previous 14 days. This has been integrated into our onboarding plan for new projects;
  • We have distributed our Pandemic Plan to address the challenges presented by the current viral spread and to plan for the continuity of our services;
  • We have instituted restrictions on travel that is not business critical and have expanded our use of virtual meeting software.
  • We continue to communicate with our clients regarding the status of our actions, the preparedness of our business, the availability of our workforce, and our express intention to work in partnership to maintain the safety and health of our employees on their sites;
  • We continue to provide instructions related to isolation and quarantine requirements as per the CDC and WHO, and to ensure such requirements are met by affected employees;
  • Where we have employees who test positive for the virus, we have implemented a protocol to ensure all potentially affected parties are notified and proper precautions taken.

Our primary concern is always employee and client safety. To this end, we will continue to add to, or modify, our preparedness program in reaction to this evolving situation. We thank you in advance for all of your efforts in doing the same, and, as always we commit to working with you to ensure a safe worksite for all employees.

Should you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please contact me at (780) 405-5771 or kevin.hill@acuren.com; or Jen Miller at (780) 782-8082 or jen.miller@acuren.com at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

Kevin Hill, P.Eng., MBA
Vice President, Commercial
Jen Miller
Director, Human Resources
Acuren Director, COVID-19 Communications
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