A Unified Acuren: Announcing our brand new website
July 19, 2017

At Acuren, we pride ourselves on being leaders in what we do. As Acuren continues to grow with new acquisitions and service offerings, it became clear that we needed a central, unified hub of information for our clients and our team. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Acuren’s brand new website, which provides a more streamlined online experience.

A more unified website

Our new website is a reflection of our drive to continually provide the best customer experiences and to always be at the forefront of new technology. With this new site, our clients will be able to quickly view what we offer and the problems we solve, helping them find the services and solutions they need faster from across the globe.

A more unified Acuren

With over 4000 employees, 90 locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom, and services that span 14 different industries, Acuren has been growing at an unprecedented rate. From aerospace to insurance to oil and gas, the industries that Acuren supports require a vast range of solutions, which are now all offered under the Acuren brand. We are able to combine services and resources to provide the most efficient and effective solutions in engineering, testing, inspection, repair, maintenance, and even training.

Recent acquisitions have allowed us to provide a number of consolidated solutions in the following service areas:

  • Field engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Materials testing
  • Reliability engineering
  • NDE/NDT and advanced NDE/NDT
  • Inspection training
  • Rope access
  • Visual inspection
  • Industrial services, including electrical, coatings, insulation, rigging and hoisting, and welding repair

This new website is more user friendly, easier to navigate, and provides a more concise way to represent the work that we do. As we continue to invest heavily in technology and training, you can expect to see even more growth and services in the years to come.

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