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Pipeline Dent Assessment Solutions using Level 3 Applications

Pipeline Dent Assessment

Join our webinar on Thursday October 20, 2022 at 12:00 – 1:00 pm Central

API RP 1183 provides guidelines for the assessment of pipeline mechanical damage features which includes both a Level 0 screening and Levels 1 and 2 fatigue life assessments. It also provides geometric criterion for the dent interacting with secondary features such as weld and corrosion. The RP is however limited to the assessment of:

  1. Single peak dents with smooth profile oriented less than 30-degree w.r.t to the pipe axis,
  2. Dents subject to internal pressure loading, only,
  3. Dents on straight pipe only, and
  4. Fully restrained/unrestrained dents.

Many field dents are multipeak or kinked dents (or a combination of both) and sometimes interact with a gouge/crack. In addition, it has been shown that API RP 1183 can provide a very conservative assessment for non-injurious single peak smooth dents and sometimes passes a dent which is injurious to the safe operation of the pipeline. For these scenarios, the API RP 1183 assessment is not applicable, and a detailed Level 3 assessment is required.

This presentation provides an overview of the advanced pipeline mechanical damage assessment techniques which can be successfully applied to complex shape dents, dents with cracks, and dents with combined loading scenarios. Some examples are:

  1. Dent on weld,
  2. Dent with cracks and gouges,
  3. Partially restrained dents,
  4. Dent under axial loading, surface loading, and thermal loading,
  5. Multi-apex and/or kinked dents, and
  6. Skewed dents.

In addition, features such as buckles and wrinkles can be assessed using the present validated Level 3 FE tool. The API RP 1183 does not provide any guideline to distinguish between a dent and a wrinkle and sometimes wrinkles/buckles are incorrectly assessed as a dent using the API RP 1183.
The topic is relevant to inspectors, gas and liquid pipeline operators, ILI vendors, and pipeline integrity analysts.

This interactive webinar will allow attendees to ask questions. We look forward to seeing you and having an active discussion.

Presented by: Brian Dew, Arash Ilbagi, and Amin Eshraghi

Pipeline Dent Assessment Solutions using Level 3 Applications



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