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We go places, and do things, others simply can’t. Acuren provides integrated services to some of North America’s largest companies. We offer inspection, repair and maintenance services that combine highly skilled personnel and trades with an innovative approach to access optimization. This allows us to complete tasks more safely and efficiently than anyone else in the industry. Our rope access techniques are a safer alternative to traditional methods like scaffolding, and our standardized technical training programs and quality systems allow our crews to complete tasks more quickly and more affordably.

Comprehensive Rope Access Services

Acuren excels in rope access services with an impeccable safety record and world-class expertise. Our methods improve reliability and safety compared to traditional access methods like scaffolding. Contact us today to discuss your needs with an Acuren representative.

Hoisting & Rigging

  • Flare and incinerator stacks (repairs, installations, and removals)
  • Heavy lifting and hoisting

Insulation & Asbestos Abatement

New installations, repairs and removal

  • Piping, vessels, columns and tank insulation and cladding
  • Utilidoor and tank panel systems
  • Refractory repair
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Fireproofing and firestopping


  • Fittings
  • Flange and valve covers (hard and soft)
  • Insulation systems

Installation, Removal & Replacement

  • Piping repairs, installation, and removal
  • Electrical installation
  • Metal cladding
  • Vessel and tank repairs
  • Flare tip replacement
  • Riser installation
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Bolt torqueing
  • Valve turning
  • Block and blinding
  • Heat treat
  • Spring cans
  • Spring hangers
  • Pipe hangers and clamps
  • Pipe supports, guides, shields and saddles

  • Inspection and testing – Line resistance testing, Insulation visual inspection
  • Terminations
  • Cable pulling
  • Cable tray inspection and repair
  • Electrical heat trace
  • Repairs – Electrical panels, Junction boxes, Lighting (ballasts and bulbs)

  • Steam trace
  • Valves, PSV install, replacements
  • Structural and pressure
  • Vessels and tanks
  • Pipe spool replacement
  • Patches and repairs
  • Wear plates
Painting & Coating

  • Protective coating (internal and external surfaces of tanks, vessels, and structural steel)
  • Bristle blasting, sand blasting and vacuum blasting
  • Lead paint abatement
  • TSA – Thermal Spray Aluminium
Other Offerings

  • Shutdown and turn around support
  • Winterization and seasonal maintenance (including ice and snow removal)
  • Removal of damaged equipment and overhead hazards (including cable trays, ice removal, cleaning)
  • Confined space (including rescue service)
  • Furnace and burner de-slags
  • Nuts and bolt removal, replacement, and torquing
  • De-vegetation
  • Geotechnical work (slope stabilization, scaling, trimming, pinning)


National and Regional Strength

To handle larger projects or unplanned outages, we leverage resources and engineering knowledge from major centers across North America. National programs provide regional operations with training, technology, capital investment, vertical market expertise, IT systems, procedures, safety, quality oversight, and resource sharing.

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Acuren holds numerous certifications, including:

  • National Board “R” Stamp
    • Repairs and Alterations to Pressure Vessels under NBIC/ASME
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers “PP” Stamp
    • Fabrication and repair of pressure piping under ASME
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)
    • Approved welding programs under ABSA and the Safety Codes Act
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
    • Fabrication and repair of structures under CSA W47.1
  • Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA)
    • Approved welding programs under CSA B51 and ASME
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
    • Repairs and alterations to insulation
  • AMPP (NACE/SSPC merger)
    • Application of corrosion protection coatings

IRATA Certified Local Training in Canada

IRATA certification is the gold standard for rope access, ensuring the highest level of rigor in training and certification. Level 3 technicians, for instance, require 2000 hours of varied field experience, typically over three years. Our training and engineered anchor selection program maintain the highest safety standards.

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Why Choose Acuren?

Accurate, Reliable Results
Extensive real-time in-house engineering capabilities.
Innovative Technology
Acuren's drone program provides aerial inspections which improves safety, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.
Unified Trades Enhance Efficiency
Single source with in-house trades ensures more efficient workflows and cost savings.
40+ Years of Experience
Being the industry rope access leader for decades affords us the experience advantage.

Industry Leader in Rope Access Solutions

Acuren has been a leader in asset integrity management for over 40 years, catering to some of the industry’s largest clients. Our offerings include repair, maintenance, and inspection services delivered by composite crews with multi-disciplined trades and customized access optimization programs. Our rope access techniques are safer and more efficient than traditional methods, saving both time and resources.

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Choose Acuren’s rope access inspection services to deliver efficient and economic advantages to your site. We have decades of experience working within numerous industries, such as aerospace, automobile, energy, pipeline, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Our team operates with extreme attention to detail to create a custom strategy to quickly complete tasks with minimal risk.

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Additional Services


Acuren’s world-class teams of over 100 engineers have extensive experience both in the field and in our laboratories to provide a higher level of reliability.
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Acuren offers you an unrivaled spectrum of traditional and advanced nondestructive testing and NDE methods to ensure cost-effective and accurate inspection results.
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Success stories

Acuren Partners with An Energy Leader to Provide Access Solutions

Acuren partnered with an energy company to support their TA/Maintenance program. Acuren’s access planner worked with the client’s planning and execution team to review any work scopes that could be executed via rope access instead of scaffolding to reduce the overall time and cost.
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Flare Stack – Extending Operating Life of Critical Legacy Asset

This oil and gas customer had a 60 year old flare stack with cracking and corrosion that was approaching its end of life. Due to the cracking and corrosion thinning, there was considerable potential for failure for the flare tip and stack pipe. The cost for flare stack replacement was significant and Acuren offered a solution for life extension rather than stack replacement.
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