Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

We have a complete set of industry proven and innovative methodologies and technologies to identify the nature and cause of equipment problems.

Diagnostics can be applied to both existing equipment that has undergone a change in either operation or reliability or to the commissioning of newly installed machines for early identification of potential failures and warranty acceptances.

Acuren’s advanced diagnostics employ a full range of techniques and analysis:

  • Advanced Vibration Diagnostics & Vibration Control
  • Dynamic Testing, Operating Deflection Shapes, Modal Analysis
  • Torsional Analysis, Strain Gage Testing, Deflection Measurements
  • Finite Element Analysis, Structural Design Modification/Optimization

Depending upon the results of the diagnostics and troubleshooting, we offer the value added support of being able to design and provide project support for recommendations and corrections.

PrinciplesAlignment and Balancing of fans and pumps to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure proper operation and prolong the life of the device.

Vibration analyses in conjunction with a software program are used for fan/pump balancing and alignment (generally all rotating assets).
How is it used and for what purpose?Alignments and Balancing are typically preformed when a new fan/pump is installed, or after modifications to an existing fan/pump or the supporting structure.

Any industry where pumps or fans are used (petrochemical, waste water, pulp and paper, etc).

Applicable Codes and StandardsThe manufacturer of the pump/fan typically has standard acceptable values; however the CMVA also has standards which can be referenced.

Form of reportA report is supplied to the customer upon completion of the alignment/balance stating any changes made to the system (weight added and location for a balance, # of shims and location for an alignment).
AdvantagesProper alignment and balancing of a fan/pump is required to ensure the lifespan of the equipment is reached. Also, if a fan/pump is left in a misaligned or unbalanced state it can affect other machinery in the process.
LimitationsDesign flaws cannot be fixed through proper alignment and/or balancing, however it is possible to improve conditions until a design fix has been completed.
AlternativesRun with higher than acceptable vibration and accept failure.
Technician certificationCondition Monitoring Specialist
Trained Technical Trades
Reliability Engineer
Rope access applicable? Limited