Rockwood Service Corporation is committed to providing best in class training, technology, and safety programs for its family of companies. Rockwood is distinguished by its association with top industry experts and innovators.


In addition to Acuren, this assembly of talent is spread across four different companies that represent the best in their industry.

Sperry Rail > Sperry developed the first nondestructive method of detecting flaws in rail and is the largest provider of rail flaw detection services in the world.  Sperry maximizes detection, productivity, and safety while helping clients eliminate risk of derailments.

Remote Access Technology International (RAT) > RAT provides industrial rope access solutions including NDT, maintenance, repair, and standby rescue services in difficult to reach areas of facilities such as confined spaces and high access structures.

TEI > TEI provides extensive experience of nondestructive testing services for construction projects, in-service inspections and fabrications across a wide spectrum of materials and codes.

Hellier > The Hellier name has been respected in the nondestructive testing industry for more than forty years.  Hellier is a leading provider of NDT training and certification services.