How are NDE/NDT technicians certified?

The certification of NDT technicians is performed by the employer pursuant to the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) SNT-1A standards in the US and by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) in Canada.

Overview of SNT-TC-1A (from Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation, edited by Charles J. Hellier, page 1.23)

"Individuals who are just beginning their NDT careers are typically called “trainees.” A trainee is one who is in the process of becoming qualified to be certified as an NDT practitioner. After completion of recommended formalized training and experience, the trainee is considered to be qualified. Upon satisfactory passing of the recommended examinations, the individual can then be certified as a Level I. The Level I is an individual who is qualified to perform specific calibrations, tests, and evaluations for acceptance or rejection in accordance with written instructions or procedures, and to record the results of those examinations. A certified Level I individual should receive instruction and technical supervision from an individual who is certified to a higher level. After completion of additional training, and experience, the Level I can take additional examinations and then be considered qualified to become certified as an NDT Level II."

Certification is granted for various methods (see ASNT or CGSB ). The certification exams consist of both written and practical demonstration of proficiency. In order to challenge the exam, you must meet minimum classroom instruction hours and actual time in method from work experience. For example, to obtain a Level II Certification in ultrasonic inspection, a candidate must accomplish the following:

Classroom hours                80 hours
Experience in method         1,600 hours
Grade on written exam        +75%
Grade on practical exam     +75%

Acuren employees have the benefit of attending the Hellier NDT training institute and locally presented training courses to fulfill their classroom instruction hours.